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Upload your nature videos and photos

Whether they're of an unusual wild visitor to your garden, extraordinary animal behaviour, fence-climbing badgers or a hare swimming in the sea... if you've filmed it, we'd love to see it.

We’ll publish a selection of the best uploaded videos on our website and the team are also on the look out for extra special ones for the show itself and for Springwatch Unsprung.

Please make sure your clip doesn't have any copyrighted music on it. Sadly we won't be able to use it. Also try not to have the television playing in the background. This causes copyright problems too.

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Other ways to send in photos

We've set up a group on the photo-sharing site Flickr for all your photos of the season's UK flora and fauna. Flickr is a third party photo sharing site and is not run by the BBC.

It's one of many places where you can showcase your wonderful photographs with other Springwatch fans and the nature-loving community.

If you use other photo sharing sites, post us a link on the messageboard or the blog to let us know. You can also send us photos on the above postal addresses. But please note we cannot send them back or respond to all of them.

To join the group, you need to be a member of Flickr, or sign up – it's free. Flickr's FAQ section is a good place to get more information about how the site works.

The information you provide will be collected and compiled by Stream UK on behalf of the BBC. Stream UK will not share the information with any party other than the BBC. If you submit an image, video or audio recording of anyone other than yourself, you must obtain their permission first and if the person is a child you will need to obtain their parent’s written consent. Please visit the Privacy Policy for more information.

The BBC may wish to use your contribution in other programmes/services produced in connection with Springwatch. Either organisation may need to edit your contribution for technical or operational reasons. We cannot guarantee that your contribution will be shown. Please ensure that your contribution complies with the BBC's Terms of Use, and any local terms and House Rules.